Belize Cave Tubing with Major Tom
Belize Cave Tubing with Major Tom  

After a brief hiatus, the zipline is up and running again! Woo-hoo! Give it a try after cave tubing.

Many of our guests like to mix up the relaxing, leisurely experience of cave tubing with adrenaline rush of ziplining.

Zip Line technology borrows heavily from that used of rock and mountain climbing, and features a double line with redundancy to provide a safe environment for the users. Being the first Canopy tour in Belize, the lines are built to standards approved by the Association for Challenged Course Technologists. The Aerial Trek Canopy Tour offers the adventurous tourists a thrilling opportunity to soar through the jungle treetops high above the forest floor. The canopy tour involves traversing from one platform to another along a steel cable suspended up to 80 feet above the forest floor.

Upon arrival you will be given a safety briefing and outfitted with safety gear that includes a body harness, pulleys, helmet and gloves. After you are fully geared up and checked, your tour then starts off with a short educational hike up to the first platform.

Here a new world unfolds as you gently slide along on a steel cable to the next tree platform. All tours are escorted through the forest canopy by a lead guide and a follow guide to ensure your safety. The guides explain the different areas of the ecosystem you are experiencing. Your tour will take you over eight platforms. Along the way you will enjoy the bird’s eye view of our beautiful pristine ecosystem. The final run is to a platform only a few feet off the ground - you walk down a small flight of stairs.
Please feel free to make a reservation for a combination cave tubing/zipline tour on our reservations page. If you are interested only in a zipline tour, then please contact us at so we can make arrangements for you. We will be happy to do so.

The proximity of the zipline to the Caves Branch park allows you plenty of time to enjoy both tours! The zipline is next to the park where cave tubing starts from. And rest assured, you will be back to the docks in good time, comfortably, and with some shopping time.

Whatever tour activity you require, Tom Jr. and his guides can supply – Belize Mayan sites, wildlife centers, horseback riding, cave tubing and ziplining, river and sea fishing tours, snorkeling, hotel and local airline bookings, you name it. We are destination managers who have been in tourism for the past 21 years, and have maintained business relationships with tourism suppliers all over Belize.

*Note: the minimum age for the zipline tour is 4 years old. The maximum weight allowed is 300 lbs.*